Rago National park

In Nordland county and Sørfold municipality you can find Rago National park consisting of a magnificent mountain terrain, multiple fishing waters and of course the iconic Litlverivass waterfall. The park was opened in 1971 and covers an area of 171 km².
Rago national park shares it borders with the Swedish nationalparks Padjelanta, Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet, thogeter creating an area of 5 400 km².


Route of my trip in 2012:

The trip:
I started out in Lakshola, its located in the inner part of Nordfjord.

The path starts out in a small climb before it flattens out and heads down to the riverside again

The river lies still with relativly blank green shaded water.

The path turns left and heads over the suspensionbridge before another climb starts up Nordskardet


Looking back on the river from the top of Nordskardet

Wodden planks have been laid out across the swamps to keep hikers from getting wet in the upper parts of Nordskardet.

Litlverivass waterfall to the right in the picture

The swamp is covered by blooming flowers at Brenna

Nice view of the Nordfjord river where it runs into Helligholet

Storskogvatnet seen from its estuary

Cooking some spaghetti in the nice weather at Storskogvatnet

My Helsport Ringstind 2 at Storskogvatnet

I only got one small trout when fishing this evening

I grilled bananas filled with chocolate for dessert

Day 2: I continued my trip towards Ragohytta, here seen by the sign were the pathway towards Sølvskardvatnnan and Litlverivatnet seperates from the one going to Ragohytta.

A lonely grouse

The view towards Trolldalen thats located in the vicinity

The bird keeps a close eye on me

Easy terrain to hike the last part towards Ragohytta

Ragohytta, this is an open shelter with two beds and a gas stove for cooking

Behind Ragohytta lies the mountain wall seperating Norway and Sweden

Inside Ragohytta

After having a quick look inside Ragohytta I continued hiking towards Snøtoppvatnan

By Ragovatnan

In the afternoon I cooked up some beef, garlick and mashed potatoes

Day 3: Thick fog above my camp, I decide to stay here and rest my feet until the next day

The campsite at Snøtoppvatnan and a small fire consisting of some dry wood I gathered

A lonely frog at Snøtoppvannet

Day three I had sausage and mashed potatoes again.. Starting to see a pattern here

Coffee and cognac by the fire in the evening

Day 4: During the night a small trout found my bait.
After a while I packed my tent and headed towards Sølvskardvatnan

A handful of cloudberrys, the mountain gold

Right before I arrived at Sølvskardvatnan silence was broken by the rescue helicopter. A few seconds later they turned around and disappeared

Right after the rescue helicopter left the fog got thicker again

Sølvskardvatnan in the vicinity

Drops of water made this lonely spiderweb into natures own art

My camp at Sølvskardvatnan

Drying my wet socks by the fire

This arctic char found my tackle irresistable this evening

Day 5: The rescue helicopter returns and flies towards the cabin located at Litlverivatnet. After my trip I learned that a girl wounded her hip and therefore needed to be picked up. They had to wait a day because of the thick fog during their last attempt.

The river connecting Sølvskardvatnan by my camp


The suspension bridge above Litlverifossen

The waterfall seen from the suspension bridge, a fall of 250 meters

The iconic picture of Litlverivassforsen that runs along the mounainside, a magnificent view that sums up this trip.

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